Blog Roundup: Cloud Obstacles And Opportunities

Is there a cloud services gold mine awaiting the channel? And how can solution providers help clients migrate legacy systems to the cloud? Read all about it here.

CAPGEMINI: Three tips in shifting legacy systems to the cloud

How can your customers manage a transition to the cloud with minimum impact on business performance? Robert Kingston offers this three-point plan, which essentially boils down to this: Don't rush, and give it some thought.

CDW: Cloud-based services open up opportunities for solution providers

Carl Danowski writes that managed services and solution providers will continue to take advantage of the move to the cloud by providing expertise in management and development around the services from major cloud providers.

ONENECK IT SOLUTIONS: Six common challenges driving cloud adoption

Reanna Gutierrez covers a list from a PWC survey. Read it and see if it matches your version of cloud reality.