Blog Roundup: Buyer's Remorse On Public Cloud?

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CSC: Buyer's remorse on public cloud?

Steven Vaughan-Nichols looks beyond the big finding in a survey: that nearly 40 percent of businesses with public cloud have moved those workloads back on premise, mostly because of security and costs.

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Are you a partner of either vendor? Thinking about it? Here are three things network admins need to know about the capabilities the new deal will unleash.

PERFICIENT: Beyond the culture change of DevOps

Albert Qian writes that the DevOps experience, while making a business feel as if it's innovating, changes the way the different parts of a business work together.

MARCONET: 6 issues that unified communications can help solve

Looking to sell unified communications? Here are six possible internal benefits for a customer that you might want to address as selling points.

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IT leaders in mid-size businesses need to adopt a pragmatic approach built around best practices to support ERP effectively. Read more from Reanna Gutierrez.