How To Land The Sale By Saying The Right Things

What does it take to win at sales?

For most buyers, it's about making personal connections with a sales representative who can connect what the buyer needs with what the vendor is selling.

According to global sales consultancy and training firm RAIN Group, 62 percent of buyers believe companies that win at selling made personal connections with them.

"They convince buyers they can achieve maximum return, the risks are acceptable, and the seller is the best choice among all options," RAIN Group says on its website. "They collaborate with buyers by bringing new ideas to the table and working with buyers as a team."

That's what John Harris keeps in mind when he's looking to hire someone for his sales team.

"What we look for is folks who can have a business conversation, understand the outcomes customers are looking for, [and] then be able to connect the dots with the various solutions that we put together for customers," said the CEO of Aspire Technology Partners of Eatontown, N.J., No. 318 on CRN's Solution Provider 500.

Do you want your sales reps to get better out of the starting gate? Here are three web resources you can read – and pass along to them.

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INC.COM: Avoid these seven bad habits

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HUBSPOT: Don't be a weasel by speaking these words

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