Blog Roundup: Making A Case For Managed Services

If you sell managed services, what's your value proposition? What are clients looking for? What questions are you prepared – and not prepared - to answer? Here are four recent blog posts, three of which pose questions that client organizations need to ask themselves before signing on with an MSP. How would you respond to those questions and concerns?

SHI INTERNATIONAL: 3 questions that reveal if an MSP is right for a business

Lee Bazemore addresses the issues of flexibility, vendor relationships and how much attention a client should expect.

ONE NECK IT SOLUTIONS: Choosing the right MSP partner

This post outlines six reasons for latching on with a managed services provider. How well can you meet the items on this list?

BURWOOD GROUP: Top 10 pitfalls to avoid when selecting a managed services provider

Joanna Robinson outlines this list, which addresses an MSP's flexibility, attention to the relationship, onshore vs. offshore work, and depth of offerings.

IT WEAPONS: Where do managed security services fit into the mix?

This post outlines the evolution of information security and where managed security services could help a business.