Best Of Breed Conference 2015 Coverage

    Coverage Of The 2015 Best Of Breed Conference

    CEO Robbins Thinks Cisco's Channel Religion Will 'Rub Off' On Apple

    Chuck Robbins addressed solution provider's concerns that Cisco's recent partnership with Apple would be a direct sales play, stating that he believes Cisco's channel-centric sales strategy will "rub off" on Apple.

    GE Exec Provides Solution Providers A Lesson On Cloud Transition

    If you need to communicate the potential of cloud technology to a client or would-be client, you might want to take a cue from General Electric.

    Economist Predicts Financial Crisis On The Horizon

    Economist Peter Schiff blames the Federal Reserve and government regulations for what he believes will be a crisis worse than the economy experienced in 2008.

    Exclusive Interview: Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins On The Dell-EMC Fallout, Avoiding A VCE Bloodbath And The Need For Apple To Embrace Partners

    Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins took center stage at the Best Of Breed conference to discuss the Dell-EMC deal, the impact on Cisco's relationship with the VCE alliance and his company's new Apple partnership.

    Cisco CEO Robbins Forecasts 'Shift' In Apple's Relationship With The Channel

    Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins talks about how and why he believes Apple is focusing in on the enterprise.

    Exclusive Interview: Doron Kempel On Why SimpliVity Already Disrupts Dell-EMC, His IPO Plans And The Company's Phenomenal Growth

    SimpliVity CEO Doron Kempel fielded questions at the Best of Breed Conference on a wide range of topics, including the potential impact of Dell's $67 billion acquisition of EMC.

    HP Inc. Americas President Takes Aim At Dell With SMB Channel Offensive

    Just hours after Dell announced its acquisition of EMC, a top executive with HP Inc. told Best of Breed conference attendees that the vendor is targeting small and mid-size customers with a new PC and printer offensive.

    Next Economic Crisis Will Be Worse Than Great Recession, BoB Attendees Told

    Peter Schiff, an economist who foresaw the events that precipitated the housing collapse of the past decade, told attendees at the Best of Breed Conference there's something worse heading our way: an economic crisis rooted in currency markets.


    The 2015 Best of Breed Conference is happening October 12-14, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando.

    BoB Conference: Don't Miss The Opportunity Right In Front Of You

    Companies tend to want to protect what has helped them succeed, but they often fail to see the opportunity right in front of them, an author and entrepreneur told attendees at the Best of Breed Conference.

    Logicalis CEO Plans Sales Overhaul To Focus On Vertical Markets

    Partners need to strengthen support for line-of-business executives, focus on services rather than technology, and simplify the customer experience to be successful in the years ahead, the CEO of Logicalis told attendees at the Best of Breed Conference in Orlando, Fla.

    8 Things IT Customers Want From Their Providers

    Solution providers can do many things that endear them to customers – and things that can alienate them. Here are eight partner "wins" and "sins" from a panel of corporate IT organization managers at the Best of Breed Conference.

    Good Character Makes Good Leaders, BoB Attendees Told

    'Moral intelligence' -- a combination of four human traits, including compassion -- is the quality that separates strong leaders from weak ones, according to Fred Kiel, a consultant whose seven-year research project focused on corporate leadership.

    CRN Exclusive: Cisco's Robbins Predicts 'Massive Period Of Instability' From Dell-EMC Deal

    Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins discusses the Dell-EMC merger, as well as the upcoming HP split.

    SimpliVity CEO: Dell-EMC Is Our Chance To Show Off Real Innovation

    SimpliVity CEO Doron Kempel said Monday at the Best of Breed Conference in Orlando, Fla. that Dell's $67 billion bid to acquire EMC is a huge opportunity for his company to show off technology that is more about the future than the past.

    Partners Predict Big Opportunities From Dell-EMC Deal

    Channel partners expressed excitement and optimism around the record-smashing acquisition of EMC by Dell, and what it means for the channel.