MCPc's Brian Kinne: A VAR's-Eye View Of Videoconferencing

A VAR's-Eye View Of Videoconferencing

Years ago, videoconferencing was viewed as a luxury, a technology only available to companies with the IT resources and budgets big enough to support it. But, thanks to the advent of cloud and mobility, video is now at the fingertips of the masses, and, according to Brian Kinne, CTO and vice president of digital media at Cleveland-based solution provider MCPc, it's a technology that's becoming more of a must-have than a nice-to-have for organizations around the globe.

In an interview with, Kinne sheds light on how the videoconferencing market has evolved, what's up-and-coming (hint: holograms may soon move mainstream), and how video is driving a cultural shift within MCPc's own offices.