A Look Back At February: 11 M&A Deals Reshaping The Channel


(NOTE: This story was originally posted to CRN.com March 10.)

Investments And Divestments

February was a hot month for merger-and-acquisition activity in the channel, with three solution provider giants - Accenture, Capgemini and Ciber - involved in seven of 11 deals.

Accenture and Capgemini continued to invest in digital technologies at a breakneck pace. Ciber, meanwhile, continued to sell off parts of its European operations to raise enough capital in order to pay back a loan from Wells Fargo.

Other acquisitions were made, of course, as private equity firms like Tailwind capital continue to get in the channel game, while other companies like Novitex and Source HOV look to create new channel behemoths to compete in the increasingly consolidated solution provider market.

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