What's Cool In Enterprise Cloud Storage? Here Are 10 Picks

Wasabi Cloud Storage

Boston-based cloud storage startup Wasabi Technologies in May came out of stealth mode with $8.5 million in venture funding and a promise to store customers' data in its cloud six times faster than can be done with Amazon S3 while charging only one-fifth of S3's price.

Wasabi's cloud-based object storage service securely stores customer data in its Virginia-based co-located data center. It is 100 percent compatible with the Amazon S3 API, which the company said eliminates vendor lock-in. Wasabi claims it can store customer data for $0.0039 per gigabyte, per month, compared to the $0.021 to $0.023 per gigabyte, per month that Amazon charges. Data stored with Wasabi cannot be accidentally or purposely changed.