Businesses Plunging Into DevOps In 2017

The State Of DevOps

DevOps is here, it's growing, and it's opening up opportunities for solution providers.

A report released this week by Interop ITX found that half of businesses represented in the survey on which the report was based will have adopted DevOps this year, with most of them making the move in 2017. Another 11 percent plan to adopt it within 12 to 24 months, Interop ITX said.

The survey, of 300 technology professionals in North America, was conducted online. Its results formed the foundation of Interop ITX's report, 2017 State of DevOps, the strategy that delivers new functionality more quickly and frequently, largely by bringing together developers and other IT operations professionals to work together on projects from start to finish, rather than just parts of them.

"DevOps practices have certainly matured within the technology space," said Meghan Reilly, Interop ITX general manager, in a statement. "However, today's organizations are still finding roadblocks when it comes to actual adoption."

"Fully embracing all aspects of a DevOps transformation is the key to fully reaping the benefits of operating code-based IT infrastructure in the cloud," CEO Alex Brown wrote last month in a blog post for 10th Magnitude, a Chicago-based solution provider offering DevOps capabilities.

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