5 Security Books That Have 'Fame' Written In Them

Writing The Book On Cybersecurity

The major professional sports have their halls of fame; so does rock and roll. They all have their nomination procedures and induction rituals.

Cybersecurity may not be a sport or a cultural phenomenon, but for those who take an interest in protecting business information systems from outside attack, there is a growing library of books that have become a "canon" for industry practitioners. Called the Cybersecurity Canon, and hosted by Palo Alto Networks, the titles cover both fiction and nonfiction. To become part of the canon, a book must "accurately depict the history of the cybersecurity community, characterize key places or significant milestones in the community, or precisely describe technical details that do not exaggerate the craft."

The canon inducted five books into its "hall of fame" last week in a ceremony in Washington. D.C. (The canon now includes 60 titles.) Click through to read about them.