5 Reasons Partners Should Check Out Intel's Compute Card

(NOTE: This story was originally posted to CRN.com Jan. 25.)

Compute Card Power

It's as small as a credit card, but the Compute Card, Intel's newest small form factor PC, brings the power of connectivity to virtually any product, according to the chip maker.

This 5mm-thick device, which will be released mid-2017, will help power the next generation of Intel-based IoT devices, encouraging businesses to more quickly embrace IoT applications, Intel says. Intel has created several small computing form factors recently. Last year it released the Compute Stick that can transform any HDMI display into a desktop computer. The new Compute Card, unveiled at CES 2017 earlier this month, is it's most dimminutive yet.

Here are five things about the Compute Card that Intel partners might find interesting.