Talk Back On LinkedIn: How Will You Benefit From New Dell EMC Program?

Channel partners of Dell and EMC offered extended applause this week as the vendor announced details of its new unified partner program. If you're a Dell EMC partner, how do you see this shaking out for you? And when it comes to partnerships in general, what's important to you aside from margins? Click into those two discussions and others on the ITBestOfBreed LinkedIn page.

Dell EMC's New Unified Partner Program: Will You Benefit?

Five months after they came together in the largest merger in technology industry history, the new Dell EMC took the wrapping off its new unified partner program – and it was met with applause from channel partners. If you're a partner of Dell or EMC, how do you see the new program helping your company?

Beyond Big Margins, What Do You Want Most From A Vendor Partner?

Profit margins are important when you're looking to add a vendor partner, but what other big issues do you want a vendor to address before you push toward a partner agreement? What kind of assurances do you want?

Generation Gap: How Can You Make Room For Millennials?

CompTIA says 40 percent of employees who work for channel partners expect to retire over the next decade. Are you concerned about potential retirements from your company and finding adequate replacements from within the millennial generation?

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