Talk Back On LinkedIn: How To Say 'No' To A Customer

How do you tell customers that you can't give them what they want? And, what are the things you do to help hire the right people for your team? These discussion starters are up on IT Best Of Breed's LinkedIn page, waiting for you to weigh in.

When you have to say 'no' to a customer

Much as we want to please the customer, there are times when "no" is the appropriate - and sometimes only - answer. How do you tell a customer "no" and retain them as a customer? Food for thought. Please nibble, then comment.

Who do you want to play on your team?

Each business leader has his or her own set of criteria for finding a "good fit" for a business team. What do you do?

Big news for Microsoft Azure partners?

Microsoft solution providers say a major licensing shift that will take effect Feb. 1 could open the door to increased Azure cloud sales momentum for the channel. "This is really good for the entire channel," said Jason Rook of 10th Magnitude in Chicago. Do you have similar sentiments?

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