Capgemini: Most Businesses Lack IoT Testing Strategy


The Internet of Things may be catching on with business, but most organizations that have some form of IoT don't have a test strategy for it, according to a new report from solution provider giant Capgemini.

Capgemini's report, done by its technology and engineering services subsidiary, revealed that 85 percent of businesses across several industries and countries say that IoT products are part of their operations, but two-thirds of them – 68 percent - don't have a testing strategy for it. The report calls that "very worrying."

"Apparently, many of them are relying on the quality validations performed by the device manufacturers," the report read. "This situation must change."

But the report also said that it appears that 30 percent of the organizations surveyed - -close to half – of that 68 percent are planning to have an IoT test strategy "in the near future."

Testing for security is one of four key quality aspects that businesses should weigh for IoT testing, the report says. The others: operational reliability, ease of use and performance.

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