Blog Roundup: Next Steps Into The Cloud

What cloud computing issues should solution providers and their customers be looking at as we transition into a new year? Here are four recent blog posts from around the channel that can help you validate or adjust your view.

INSIGHT ENTERPRISES: Popular cloud trends that will carry over into 2017

Michael Lazar takes the cover off three of the most popular cloud trends in 2016 and how they will take shape next year.

CAPGEMINI: Minimizing the three main cloud vendor lock-in risks

Nick Slane urges businesses to balance the benefits of agility in migrating to a second-generation cloud setup with how much that migration will cost.

CONNECTION: Public vs. hybrid cloud – what's the choice?

Businesses must weigh the pros and cons of either option before deciding which is best, Kurt Hildebrand writes.

CSC: Hazards that slow the journey to the public cloud

Christopher Leigh-Currill outlines three potential land mines that can befall an organization without a cohesive plan.