Blog Roundup: Moving Ahead Into The Cloud

The cloud is the present – and the future. Here are three recent blog posts from within the channel that address the road ahead for cloud transformation projects and how you can help your customers' efforts.

QUEST: Three cloud trends to watch out for in 2017

CEO Tim Burke warns readers of developments that could slow down or complicate cloud transformation projects.

FORSYTHE: How to smooth out the road to the cloud

Bill Nesheim also addresses the complications that can accompany cloud transformations, and offers three questions your customers should ask before harnessing the benefits of cloud.

CSC: Guiding a SaaS implementation

The post outlines four steps for business implementation of software as a service to yield the right results.

ZONES: Which UC deployment model is best?

On-premise? Hybrid? Hosted? This post outlines the advantages of each. Knowledge you can bring to your clients.