Blog Roundup: IoT Turns Another Corner

As the Internet of Things gains a stronger foothold in business, here's a roundup of thought leadership on IoT that can help boost your knowledge and how you approach customers about the technology.

INSIGHT ENTERPRISES: Four industries that are rocking the IoT platform

Take a look at where the Internet of Things is making a difference – from the expected (retail) to the unexpected (race car driving). Claudia Hrynyshyn offers four questions for your clients that are considering jumping on board the IoT ship.

CDW: The Internet of Things means integrating IT and OT

Link Simpson, the IoT practice lead at CDW, tells how IT and operational technology will have to come together in unprecedented ways, which can upset corporate cultures.

CSC: The maturing of IoT and the Industrial Internet in 2017

Joan-Carol Brigham addresses three key questions of the current and future states of IoT, and the challenges enterprises will see as the technology grows.