Blog Roundup: Artificial Intelligence, Real Payoffs?

Artificial intelligence is on the rise in business, and on track to grow to a $16 billion market within five years, with a combined annual growth rate of nearly 63 percent from 2016 to 2022, according to research firm Markets and Markets.

And that spells good news for solution providers that have plunged into AI, such as Unisys, which earlier this year announced two strategic moves around the technology.

Here's a roundup of five blog posts from within the channel that address what's happening in the world of AI.

SWC TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS: How Airbnb uses AI to transform its business

Chad Dotzenrod alludes to a recent article about how the online startup has been using artificial intelligence and machine learning to disrupt the hotel industry, offering a lesson for midmarket companies that are embarking on digital transformation projects.

CAPGEMINI: AI can work if you focus on the errors

"We are always trying to eliminate error," Cliff Evans writes. For artificial intelligence to work, it needs variation and error to learn what the right answer is, then choose that answer when needed. Evans offers a remedy.

VIRTUSA: Darwinism at a business level

Artificial intelligence is on the march, but it's creating potential problems for professional services firms, namely the elimination of professional job roles, Frank Palermo writes. Businesses need to keep this in mind as we head toward the future, he says.

SHI INTERNATIONAL: The biggest problem with AI is also its biggest opportunity

Artificial intelligence could become a valuable coworker, Sean Cassidy writes. If it has all the answers, human beings can spend less time figuring them out or searching for them, and more time doing practical tasks. But AI isn’t ready for that, he adds.

COGNIZANT: Can AI make government smarter?

Artificial intelligence may help public-sector workers automate tasks and reassign basic stuff from public servants to computers, but is that it? Dinand Tinholt explores that question.