Evolving for Growth with IBM

    Written by Marc Dupaquier, IBM Global Business Partners

I think there is no doubt, that the industry is undergoing unprecedented and remarkably rapid change. The market is shifting and we are quite confident that when all the dust settles, IBM and our Business Partners will emerge as the leaders. I say this with considerable confidence, because we have the right portfolio, vision and capabilities--through our investment in research and development--to transform to higher value and grow business.

Our commitment to the channel is also quite clear as we continue to engage with our Business Partners given the emerging opportunities in the channel through Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security. To help our Business Partners lead in this era of change, we have made significant investments to build expertise and skills. We have made the education that IBMers are undertaking available to Business Partners through our ThinkAcademy on PartnerWorld. Additionally, we are building special curriculum focused certifications for Business Partners that will help them "major" in specific knowledge areas such as "cloud developer." We truly believe that with the right skills and expertise, Business Partners will become the trusted advisors that clients need.

Take a moment to look through the videos and assets available on our site and learn more about our IBM programs and solutions designed to help our Business Partners, lead during this time of transition. We will continue to refresh these assets and provide more details about our programs in the months ahead. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the state of the industry and how you are evolving to capture growth.

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