Drive Technology and Thrive

Are you going to Thrive or Just Survive? At the Intel conference in Las Vegas there were many people whose objective it seemed was to win at every hand. In business, you need to have the same drive. When you leverage the technology and the output from Integrated Technology into your solution you get the data that is necessary to change the game and to take your business to a higher level. It is time to leverage Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) to evolve your business.
When you utilize the Social aspect you gain the ability to interact and engage with your customers via Social Media, be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever is coming next. Your customers use Social Media everyday. By the time your customer engages you in the Channel – they’ve already done their homework. They know what services they want from you and how they want them. Mobile Devices enable you to remain connected wherever you are. If you aren’t connected you’ll lose business to your competitors. Analytics tie raw data together and give you the power to ascertain what the customer needs before they come to you and use that data to your benefit. Lastly, there is the Cloud. The rapid growth in tablet sales in the coming years will leverage the Cloud and bring the elements of SMAC together.
Intel, powering devices such as Smart phones, tablets and laptops keeps you connected and allows you to innovate your customer base. Verizon is your technology partner enabling and empowering you to remain connected to your customers, engage them wherever they are, follow the data trail so you can understand their needs and then use the cloud to bring it all together. Hear more from me at the Intel Solutions Summit.
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