2-in-1s Becoming the New Standard in Productivity Tools for Mobile Workers

Early in my career, when businesses selected a mobile computing device for their workforce, it was a simple choice of what size laptop was ideal. In today’s mobile world, faced with a vast choice of devices offering various form factors and running different operating systems, the decision is a little more complex.

What is the right balance of performance and mobility? And what is the right device, for the right user, at the right time? These are the new litmus tests, and the answers will vary depending on the user, the need and the circumstance. For many highly mobile professionals, though, a clear answer is emerging.

For mobile workers who need to have an office anywhere, the go-to technology is increasingly becoming the 2-in-1, a combination of tablet and PC. In its fourth quarter 2016 forecast for U.S. commercial detachable tablets, research firm IDC predicts the category will grow from less than 800,000 devices in 2016 to more than 6.5 million units in 2020, indicating that 2-in-1s will replace traditional notebooks and desktops for many workers.

This full article originally appeared on Samsung Insights and is authored by David Gilbert.

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