IT is simplified with Dell PowerEdge VRTX

By Melissa Giroux, Sr. Manager, Dell Enterprise Programs, North America Channels
Your customers IT demands are now greater and more complex than they have ever been, but does this mean the solutions to address their demands have to be massive, overwhelming and complicated?  Do your customers wish their office IT infrastructurewere simpler and easier to configure, run and grow? Their wish is not just a dream but can become a reality with the DellTM PowerEdgeTM VRTX.  With Dell PowerEdge VRTX, we’re revolutionizing office IT by integrating powerful servers, storage, networking and management into a compact form factor, giving your customers ultimate simplicity and operational e­fficiency.
Dell PowerEdge VRTX is a highly-dense, fully-integrated solutions platform that’s redefining IT by offering small and medium businesses, as well as remote and branch offices, the unprecedented flexibility they need to simplify their infrastructures while still allowing for future growth. Capable of running multiple office applications and ready for virtualization, PowerEdge VRTX can be thought of as a versatile yet simplified data center. VRTX takes the complexity, hassle and price out of the old datacenter-in-a-box idea and makes it real. Compare this list of only a few of the features to see if it checks the boxes on some of your customers’ wish lists:

  • Everything included: High –performance PowerEdge server nodes, huge integrated storage, and simplified integrated networking for fast connections and enterprise - class manageability
  • Fast: Easy to buy, deploy, manage and grow. If you need more of something, it just plugs in.
  • Small & Quiet but powerful: Optimized, secure and built for use in a regular office without special power or cooling. And at about 175lbs/79kg you can move and use it just about anywhere.
  • Affordable: Provides the performance of a datacenter – servers, storage, and management -- into a small, affordable box
  • Efficient & reliable: High performing and virtualization ready , incorporating the best ideas from big datacenters but stingy on the use of electricity
  • Easy to manage: Simple to manage, either on site or remotely
  • Scalable: All the power you need for your organization without the waste, and modular so you can add more as you need more

We’re redefining office IT–so you can deliver on your customer’s demands and your customers can focus on their business.
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