11 Reasons Solution Providers Should Choose Asigra as a Cloud Backup Service for Enterprises

Data backup and recovery for enterprises has become a hot topic in the IT industry as mobile devices (including laptops, smartphones, iPads and tablets) have become essential to the workplace. Cloud technology such as file syncing, sharing and online productivity suites enable organizations to access data, communicate and conduct business everywhere and on every device.

Despite the conveniences, there are inherent risks. With ransomware attacks at an all-time high and devices increasingly susceptible to theft, both physical and cybersecurity are essential to data protection. Recent reports from Kensington (a supplier of desktop and mobile device accessories) show that 23 per cent of laptops are stolen every year.

With more employees accessing information from several different devices on the road, it’s not a matter if, but when an organization experiences a significant data loss or breach.  Asigra Cloud Backup™ provides advanced data protection capabilities for all endpoint devices and cloud based software to help keep data safe and secure for organizations of any size.

We’ve outlined 11 reasons how Asigra powered backup solutions ensure data is always protected.  

For Endpoint Devices our solution provides:

  • Granular file-level recoveries: Choose the frequency and granularity (i.e. specific files) of backups needed for business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Set-it and forget-it automation: Schedule, automate and backup data at regular points in time to a secure data centre.
  • Geo-location: using an intuitive Google maps interface, finding the location of any Asigra protected device within a few meters becomes quick and easy.
  • Remote wipes: Once determined that a device is stolen or compromised, any Asigra protected data can be quickly remotely wiped from the device, while leaving non-protected data (e.g. employee’s personal files) on the endpoint device.
  • Recovery to another device: Easily recover backed-up data to a replacement mobile device, minimizing the productivity loss of a lost or stolen device.

For SaaS (Salesforce.com, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 — including Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive) our solution provides:

  • SaaS/PaaS cloud backup: Third-party clouds can be backed up to a secure remote data centre or an on premise, local data centre.
  • Granular file-level recoveries: Choose the frequency and granularity of the backups and preserve folder and sub-folder structure from most data sources.
  • Mass deployment of backup rules: Deploy rules to hundreds of MS Office 365 or Google Apps users simultaneously, ensuring consistent protection across departments with little to no configuration effort.
  • Recovery Time and Point Objectives: Set completely flexible backup schedules and retention policies that are aligned with the business value and mission criticality of the data you are protecting.
  • Secure data storage: Data is encrypted at-rest and in-flight, ensuring unauthorized users do not have access to the backup information.
  • Compliance with specific regulatory requirements in your industry vertical, such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley.

With 2017 just around the corner, moving towards fewer solutions, or even better a single solution, that covers an enterprise's total data protection needs including SaaS, virtual machines and traditional hardware will be a huge advantage for MSPs in 2017.

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