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How to sell more managed services (Part 2 of 3: leveraging social media)

Once upon a time cold calling was the number one technique for generating sales. It still works. But in today’s sales 2.0 environment, social media has emerged as a key success factor for engaging new prospects, demonstrating value, and getting sticky with new and current customers.

A Leading Not-for-Profit Nearly Lost it All

The home page of Junior Achievement of New York (JANY) states it “Teaches Young People About Money Management and How Business Works”. Well, JANY nearly learned the ultimate lesson in both when they experienced catastrophic system failure. And what’s worse? They and their Managed Service Provider (MSP) did all the right preparations!

How To Take Risks And Embrace Your Fears

How To Take Risks And Embrace Your Fears

The old adage "Failure Is Not An Option" might make for a catchy slogan on a motivational poster, does that sentiment really have a place in today's entrepreneurial business environment? Many of today's most successful tech executives would say it does not. Rather than letting your fear of failure paralyze you, Riverbed's Michele Hayes suggests embracing failure and turning it to your advantage.

Ransomware Strikes Mobile Devices – What NOT to Do

Ransomware has been in the news a lot lately, and mostly it hasn’t been good. Well, there is some positive news to report. After months of success in which thousands of PCs were infected, the hackers behind the ransomware known as CryptoLocker were finally dealt a major setback when law enforcement shut down their command and control servers on the first