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How Will You Hang Onto Your Employees?

Hiring a new employee can be satisfying as well as a relief. You feel the satisfaction when you've roped in someone who can deliver great value for your company; the relief comes when you know you've filled a critical role that – if unfilled – could potentially hurt business.

Then the question turns to: How do I keep this person for as long as I can?

MSPs Cashing In On Helping Clients Manage The Cloud

As businesses march to the cloud, solution providers are finding opportunities to help their customers manage the increasing complexity cloud brings to their infrastructures.

Those opportunities are especially presenting themselves in the SMB market, where businesses need that outside expertise, according to a recent report by the industry group CompTIA.

Hiring The Wrong Person In Sales Can Cost You Thousands

Jim Sherriff (pictured) is the CEO of Tech Qualled, based in Fort Worth, Texas, an organization committed to vetting and training military veterans for careers in sales. He previously served in sales roles for Cisco, including senior vice president for its partner organization in the Americas. He also served as global vice president of Hewlett-Packard Consulting.

Jobs Website: Cybersecurity Skills Gap A Big Problem In U.S.

Cybersecurity climbed the ladder of urgency last year as it spread from the world of corporate data breaches to the playing field of U.S. presidential politics.

As solution providers and their customers combat the many incoming threats, they also have to face another harsh reality: having enough skilled professionals to do the fighting.

U.S. employers particularly face this issue in what is a global problem, according to the job search website Indeed.