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The Power Of Good Execution

How good is your management team about prioritizing new initiatives so that the team can focus on turning them into reality?

The answer is super-important. Your company may have better ideas than the competition, but how it delivers against those strategic notions is just as critical for success, at least according to a McKinsey & Company global survey of more than 2,000 executives.

What To Know Before You 'Productize' Software

Shally Stanley of Acumen Solutions

When does a reseller morph into a VAR? Can a systems integrator turn into a developer? What's really the difference between a managed service provider and a cloud service provider? For that matter, why does your client label your company a "vendor" when you prefer to call yourself a technology solution provider?

XChange 2014: Customer Experience Is The 'Ultimate Opportunity' For Solution Providers

When Staples, Office Max and Office Depot approached the market with nearly identical product offerings, logos and low customer loyalty around eight years ago, they recognized that they needed a change to stand out, Joseph Michelli, consultant at The Michelli Experience and best-selling author, said.

Forrester Study: SoftLayer Is A $2 Million Opportunity For MSPs

With SoftLayer and three years of hard work, SMB managed service providers can drive as much as $2.1 million in new profits annually based on winning as few as 10 customers, according to a Forrester study released Thursday.

Forrester's projections assume the MSP is already generating between $5 million to $30 million in revenue. The study also assumes the MSP acquires six SoftLayer customers in the first year and two new customers in years two and three.