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Onboarding New Employees: How To Keep Them After You Hire Them

First impressions are critical for many people when they start new jobs, yet they can also be critical for solution providers when they hire good talent into critical roles, especially if they can help the company grow.

Those first impressions tend to be baked into an employee's mind during the onboarding process, when he or she starts the new job, and they can be critical toward ensuring that the employee won't have second thoughts about having accepted the job offer.

Want To Keep Your Employees? Bring Boomers, Millennials Together

In one corner, you have aging baby boomers, now in their 50s and 60s, who are in the twilight of their careers, with one eye on their work and the other on that upcoming stage of life in which they'll look to settle into retirement.

In the opposite corner are the millennials – the dominant generation in the U.S. workforce – who are reshaping business and making their unique mark on the American workplace.

Now, what happens when you pull them out of the corners and into the middle of the room?

Large Format Commercial Displays Experience 40 Percent U.S. Revenue Growth in the B2B Indirect Channel in 2016, According to NPD

According to The NPD Group’s Distributor Track and Commercial Reseller Tracking Service, large format commercial displays (LFCDs) saw some of the strongest growth in the B2B indirect channel over the past year, compared to other NPD categories.