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Highlights from the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2017

After the whirlwind of this year’s PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, where do I begin? Seeing so many of our Business Partners sharing their success stories on stage was great to validate what we all know—IBM’s winning strategy is driving new opportunities for our clients and our Business Partners.

How to Increase Your Sales Productivity: Five Tips for Solution Providers

According to Salesforce, 68 percent of the average sales rep’s time is spent not selling. Think about that for a moment. If you can reduce downtime and double sales productivity, that’s the equivalent of doubling your salesforce without adding headcount

Lawyering Up: The Changing Role Of The General Counsel

Richard Nohe (pictured) is general counsel of BT in the Americas, a network and cloud services integrator based in Dallas.

Technology is a driver of change. It disrupts jobs, businesses, industries and the global marketplace. And with innovation altering the way society operates, regulation and the law need to transform with it.

But who is responsible for guiding business – especially solution providers - through this changing landscape?

Key To Techie Happiness? Good Co-Workers 1st, Money 2nd

Money may still talk, but what really counts in keeping information technology professionals happy at work is getting along with their colleagues, according to Spiceworks, a network of IT professionals.

Relationships with coworkers – including managers - is the top driver of happiness for 61 percent of IT professionals in the U.S. and United Kingdom, Spiceworks found in its survey, released today. Not far behind that were annual pay and having a manageable stress level, each cited by 53 percent of the survey pool.