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Why you need DevOps to rethink digital transformation

We are passing through many worldwide changes due to the digital transformation era. In under a decade, think how profoundly your personal and professional life has been affected by technology. The world continues to digitize quickly. Entrepreneurs who are thinking about innovation and want to develop successful digital businesses must understand why DevOps is so important to success.

Tax Cut Dreams: Solution Providers Pledge More Staff, Investment If Trump Plan Wins

(NOTE: This story was originally posted to April 28.)

What would solution providers do with more money, courtesy of the federal government? Executives said they'd add salespeople and redouble investments in cutting-edge software and services if the Trump administration's business tax reform succeeds.

Sales were driven by customer demands for larger displays and touchscreen capabilities

According to The NPD Group’s Distributor Track and Commercial Reseller Tracking Service, large format commercial displays (LFCDs) saw some of the strongest growth in the B2B indirect channel over the past year, compared to other NPD categories.