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4 Things Workers – Especially Tech Workers – Want

Welcome to 2017! You may be entering the new year with some big plans, maybe visions of more sales dancing in your heads as businesses – at least according to some predictions – plan to increase their technology spending.

And then there's the job market, which has increasingly leaned in favor of job seekers rather than employers, and could lead to some turnover, especially among your stable of technology professionals.

10 Technology Predictions For The Channel For 2017

Outlooks For A 'Crazy' Technology World

Where can solution providers find opportunities in 2017? The moving target of security and the continued migration of businesses to the cloud are two easy starting points. Then there is the increasing interest in the Internet of Things, plus the adoption of newer technologies by businesses.

IBM Bluemix evolution spurs growth for the channel

IBM first launched Bluemix, its cloud platform, in February 2014 as the future of IBM Cloud. It became a game changer, bringing together market-leading capabilities from across IBM and our third-party ecosystem to help enterprises, developers and startups build, run and manage applications in the cloud.

Solution Providers Optimistic Trump Tech Summit Will Lead To More Channel Jobs

(NOTE: This story was originally posted to Dec. 14.)

Will President-elect Donald Trump be good news for the channel after he takes office next month?

Solution providers praised Trump's meeting Wednesday with tech leaders and urged the president-elect to champion policies that will help small businesses create more jobs.

How to ensure you’re not part of the next botnet

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds a great deal of promise to make everyday devices much easier to use, control, program, and access remotely. From “smart” home thermostats and refrigerators to lights and automobiles, there’s remarkable potential to make our lives easier — but there’s also untold risk that these devices can bring to our day to day lives.