Mobile Computing Is the Tip of the Digital Business Transformation Spear

Digital business transformation is a concept that tends to be in the eye of the beholder. In fact, business and technology service providers usually have different interpretations of what’s involved. However, they all know they want some form of digital transformation, and they have some notion about it involving mobile computing. Most business leaders, in fact, are more deeply concerned than they care to admit that some disruptive new rival will suddenly appear with little warning and derail their business model.

But figuring out exactly where to get started with digital business transformation turns out to be more challenging than it may seem. Most business leaders aren’t really as aware of the processes that drive their business as one might expect. Too often, business leaders aren’t close enough to new technology developments to understand what’s truly possible. Conversely, IT personnel don’t always have enough insight into how the business operates to make the intuitive leaps needed to transform it.

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