How to Increase Your Sales Productivity: Five Tips for Solution Providers

According to Salesforce, 68 percent of the average sales rep’s time is spent not selling. Think about that for a moment. If you can reduce downtime and double sales productivity, that’s the equivalent of doubling your salesforce without adding headcount. This is good for the company, and it’s even better for the employee who would much rather be in front of customers than doing non-value-added work at their desk.

All sales people are encumbered by myriad activities that take them “out of the field,” including keeping their CRM records up-to-date, staying on top of email, making appointments, securing special pricing, generating quotes, managing collections, gathering team members to do a demo, supporting after-sales questions and issues and keeping management updated. Many of these actions need to take place, but there is a clear distinction between value-added activities and non-value-added ones that could be delegated, streamlined or eliminated altogether.

This full article originally appeared on Samsung Insights and is authored by Carrie Maslen.

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