New SaaS offerings to expand your portfolio

You have invested in on-premises solutions, skills and certifications to develop your practice into what it is today. Now is the time to leverage those competencies and look at how IBM’s new software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings can expand your portfolio. IBM is continually adding new offerings—some based on products you might know, while others may be completely new to you. These offerings open new adjacencies for you to take advantage of. Here are our latest IBM SaaS offerings:

IBM API Connect

  • To drive new sources of revenue, build ecosystems, and provide new data and services, organizations are transforming to deliver their services in a digital form. Digital transformation results in the emergence of new businesses and new business models that force industries to revolutionize—all powered by the use of APIs. To manage the entire API lifecycle, clients need an API management solution that can create, run and secure their APIs and microservices. IBM API Connect lets clients rapidly deploy and simplify the administration of APIs across organizations. IBM API Connect is unlike current API management offerings in the market that support only the creation, monitoring and management of APIs. It goes beyond this by allowing a user to quickly create the back-end microservices—that is, microservice implementations, which the APIs can invoke. API use cases for every industry can be found on developerWorks here.
  • Leverage the new IBM API Connect campaign Digital Transformation Fueled by APIs, which includes supporting offers and social touches. Download the HTML templates and launch on your own or execute using email templates within the DCM tool.

 IBM UrbanCode

  • You and your clients have been asking for it and now it’s here! IBM UrbanCode is announcing its first as-a-service offering making automated deployments easier than ever, as well as announcing new capabilities for IBM UrbanCode Deploy in Version 6.2.2. Take immediate advantage of the great track record of success, huge ROI for clients and the best capabilities in the market to talk to your clients about UrbanCode.
  • Register for the briefing.

IBM MobileFirst Foundation on PartnerWorld

Cloud Video on PartnerWorld

  • Video is an emerging driver of cloud workload, leading to increases in requirements for compute power, storage and bandwidth. IBM’s ability to provide cloud infrastructure, world-class video and cognitive capabilities sets us apart from the competition.
  • Learn how to deliver the value of IBM Cloud Video to your clients with enablement and sales materials on PartnerWorld.

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