Lead, win and grow in the Commercial Segment with IBM

In 2017, IBM is deploying a new integrated and holistic go-to-market strategy designed to help you capture opportunity and growth in our Commercial segment.

What is the Commercial market segment? It’s the IBM-defined customer segment that includes companies that are not (yet) large IBM clients. This includes tens of thousands of companies across all industries. Approximately two-thirds of our Commercial opportunity is from large companies, with the other third from small and medium enterprises. Many of these companies have had limited exposure to IBM solutions. That is about to change.

With your help, we will bring IBM and Business Partner solutions to our Commercial clients, delivering superior value and making Commercial our highest growth segment in 2017.

Our strategy to succeed in the Commercial segment is to support our partners with sales resources who will assist in driving success in this customer set, while capitalizing on the value our partners provide.

IBM Business Partners will earn more incentives in Commercial than in other IBM customer segments, and typical margins for on-premise software new licenses in Commercial are expected to be 45 points or more!

Our new coverage model will:

  • Meet the unique needs of buyer groups. Take advantage of focused resources for distinct buyer groups to address unique buying patterns and determine how they want to engage.
  • Establish an integrated segment leadership team. A centralized execution approach involves IBM Digital Sales, Global Business Partners and IBM Marketing, which have teamed together to drive performance.
  • Launch a holistic digital sales approach. Begin integrating IBM sellers into a synergistic and flexible digital sales model under the leadership of Commercial Market Leaders.
  • Emphasize Business Partners as the primary route to market. IBM Business Partners continue to be the dominant channel for the segment.

Commercial customers count on IBM Business Partners as their trusted advisor. You provide stability and consistency to IBM’s presence in the local market, as well as deep solution skills, strong industry insight and certification on IBM technology.

Learn more about the PartnerWorld Program by visiting the PartnerWorld portal ibm.com/partnerworld/go and if you aren't currently working with IBM, call 800-426-9990 to speak to a representative to discuss becoming an IBM Business Partner.