Your peers transitioned to cloud. Have you?

During previous installments of the Cloud Success Blog series, we focused on many components that are necessary to make the shift to a reoccurring cloud-based practice:

  • Transforming your technical skills
  • Shifting to digital marketing
  • Changing your team’s compensation
  • Implications of moving to a reoccurring monthly revenue model

Now we want to highlight one of our Business Partner's transition to a cloud-based business. When CIMA Solutions Group saw the writing on the wall for the demise of Blockbuster, they decided they had sold their last server, and that it was time for them to embrace the new cloud era.

They quietly started their transition to the cloud by experimenting with simple cloud solutions such as email on cloud replacing a legacy on-premises Exchange Server. CIMA gradually built up their new competency around an as-a-service, recurring revenue model—for example, with monthly billing infrastructure, digital marketing capability, inside sales resources and new compensation models.

Once they became more experienced with the cloud business model, CIMA began to develop value-add services around more sophisticated solutions such as IBM Cloud Brokerage, IBM Bluemix Infrastructure (SoftLayer) and IBM API Connect. Recently, they launched their proactive managed service offering, designed to provide ongoing infrastructure support to their customers, and further established themselves as a Cloud Services Provider.

The deliberate, multiyear effort has paid off; CIMA has successfully transitioned its business, and is thriving in the new cloud market.

Acknowledging IBM’s market leadership in delivering a complete and fully integrated stack of cloud services including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, Frost & Sullivan has awarded IBM the 2016 Cloud Company of the Year Award! Coupled with the industry-leading Business Partner incentive program, IBM is emerging as the cloud platform of choice for Business Partners to work with on their transition to the cloud.

CIMA transitioned their business with IBM to the cloud. So could you!

Get your transition jump-started today with the SVP IBM SaaS – Entry Product Group.

  • New! SaaS entry product eligibility requirement no longer requires sales mastery test certifications.
  • A simplified onboarding process reduces time to market to hours, with fewer steps and requirements.

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Learn more about the PartnerWorld Program by visiting the PartnerWorld portal and if you aren't currently working with IBM, call 800-426-9990 to speak to a representative to discuss becoming an IBM Business Partner.