Top 5 Marketing Tech Opportunities For 2016 And Beyond

Single-Vendor Consolidation Of The Marketing Technology Infrastructure

For many businesses, marketing technology has been built one disparate solution at a time. The result is a mismatch of systems at large and mid-sized enterprises. By 2017, according to IDC, 20 percent of large-enterprise CMOs will consolidate their marketing technology infrastructures to streamline solutions and cut costs.

IDC reports that most large enterprises will consolidate their core systems on a single vendor so that multichannel marketing and advertising, the production and distribution of personalized content, customer data management and analytics, and internal collaboration and reporting are all streamlined within one technology solution ecosystem.

As a corollary, IDC says, just as large enterprises are forced to move to single-vendor solutions, a growing number of vendors is building marketing cloud (or marketing-as-a-service) platforms that could enable “technology laggards to quickly catch up or even leapfrog” the competition. 

The takeaway for partners? Consider sharpening a marketing-as- a-service solution and sharpen a total-cost-of-ownership model for CMOs, IDC advises.