How ‘Cloud School’ Helps A Longtime VAR’s Sales Force Move Into New Era

Keeping Up In The Age Of Cloud

Moving into the cloud era and generating revenue from it sometimes requires a little re-education.

Amid the always-changing IT industry, longtime resellers have had to evolve their businesses to stay relevant with their customer base. With the latest evolution  -- cloud -- some veteran providers have had to shift their business models toward services and away from hardware sales.

Technology Resource of America, LLC. (TRCA) based in Denton, Texas, has been in the game long enough to experience that evolution firsthand. Founded in 1991 as a telecommunications repair, parts, and remanufacturing laboratory for the U.S. government, the provider has since grown into a powerhouse partner as a provider of hardware and managed services, and as a systems integrator for enterprise business customers, in addition to managing the IT environments for NASA, Fort Knox, and the U.S. Navy.

With so many large business and government customers with a lot at stake, TRCA stays on top of IT trends by taking advantage of Petaluma, Calif.-based master agent Intelisys' Cloud Services University and is making a serious push into the cloud services arena.

Dave Harding (pictured), CEO of TRCA, shared his company's journey into the cloud, and the important role cloud education plays for channel partners.