Want To Generate More Leads? Feed Them More Content

More Content, More Consumption

Content lies at the heart of nearly every technology company's marketing strategy. It's a vehicle for solution providers to share their expertise in hopes of roping in more qualified sales leads.

According to NetLine Corp., a content syndication and lead-generation network based in Los Gatos, Calif., technology vendors and solution providers are trying to quench a constant thirst for information among IT leaders and professionals. In fact, content consumption by IT professionals rose 13 percent last year over 2015, the company said in its recent report, 2017 Content Marketing Insights for IT Marketers.

"What used to be a selection between several vendors is now among a pool of thousands," NetLine said. "Senior leadership and IT departments are in constant need of information and research that directly impacts their current project roadmap, as well as future vendor selection and purchase decisions."

So, how do they read content from companies that are looking to sell to them? Click through to read four insights from the NetLine report.