Can MSPs Fill A Coming Gap Left By Middleware?

Moving Out Middleware

As the number of cloud applications and data sources rise, an overwhelming percentage of corporate IT organizations plan to replace old middleware with off-premise solutions, including managed services, according to the results of a survey by Aberdeen Group.

The survey of nearly 275 organizations found that 76 percent of them plan to fully or partially replace their integration middleware platforms, and 84 percent of middleware will be replaced in the next four years. Only 30 percent of organizations are considering on-premise solutions, the survey found.

"The numbers we discovered are surprising to see,” Aberdeen analyst Michael Caton said in a statement. “IT organizations are about to undertake one of the most dramatic infrastructure shifts we’ve seen in 20 years, and the transition will be to the cloud. This shift makes sense as companies look for greater flexibility, scalability, and predictable cost models."

"The report reflects what the market has been telling us; the complexity of on-premises middleware environments, driven by the proliferation of business applications, is leading companies to look for new answers," added Rob Consoli, chief revenue officer for Liaison Technologies, a cloud integration and data management solutions provider, which collaborated with Aberdeen on the report.

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