D&H: 5 Secrets To Nearly A Century Of Success

The Road To Today – And Tomorrow

Dan and Michael Schwab have been in the family business – D&H Distributing - for over two decades, helping to create one of the largest SMB-focused technology distributors in the U.S.

But this year, the company's co-presidents are looking back as they count down the days to the company’s centennial in 2018, analyzing what practices brought D&H its success, and which practices will help it continue its growth.

What are the secrets to D&H's longevity? ITBestOfBreed talked with Dan Schwab (pictured) about that and what keeps the Harrisburg Pa.-based company on track as it approaches its milestone.  

Schwab discussed D&H’s core values: its cautious approach to change, its focus on its customers and vendors, and how its ownership plays a part in its success.

“The world is changing around D&H," he said. "Customers change, the industries change and the way people consume technology changes. D&H has been able to be the one constant thing in the middle by focusing on our core values."

Read on to see what else Schwab had to say.