5 Tips On Where To Find Good IT Employees

Building An Employee Pipeline

As the dearth of qualified IT professionals continues to grow, solution providers must develop a plan of attack for locating and convincing the best and brightest talent to join their firms. 

David Russell, founder and CEO of Novato, Calif.-based software and consulting company Manage to Win, spoke during a breakout session Wednesday at XChange Solution Provider 2016 in Los Angeles about five key areas of focus for partners that are looking to develop a pipeline of prospective employees. 

Finding good people has been one of the biggest challenges for Kyle Wentworth, founder and chief technology officer at Jenison, Mich.-based Fusion IT.

“Other people are having the same battles as we’re having,” said Wentworth, who noted that all of the things Russell focused on apply to his business.

Here are five things Russell said employers should focus on to attract top talent.