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Flash Memory Has Come a Long Way, Baby

Life moves pretty fast when Moore’s Law is driving things. Computing power has increased exponentially over the past several decades, helping to deliver increased productivity and efficiencies in the workplace. Alongside the regular boosts in processing power we’ve witnessed, advances in memory and storage technologies have made it possible to harness that horsepower to create slim, light, blazing-fast mobile devices, PCs, and servers.

Samsung’s Expanded Windows 10 Pro Portfolio: Built for Speed and Portability

Today’s business customers run a hodgepodge of platforms and OSes – Windows 10, Android, Chrome, Blackberry, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and more. Mobile executives might have a Galaxy S7 phone in their pocket, an iPad in their carry-on bag, and a Lenovo ThinkPad in their check-in luggage. It’s a diversity that’s fueled largely by the increasing complexity of IT operations, the mobility movement, and the ever-more-popular BYOD trend.

Samsung, Partners Have a Battle Plan to Sell KNOX Customization

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement comes with benefits and challenges. Employees who use their personal and preferred mobile devices are likely happier and thus more productive, but managing and securing those phones and tablets requires more dynamic solutions than were necessary in the one-device-fits-all era.

Samsung, Windows 10 Driving 2-in-1 Device Adoption with Samsung TabProS

Dinosaurs are lurking in every office. You see them all the time. In a conference table or break-room counter, suddenly someone heaves out one of these ancient creatures. Their weight often causes a heavy thud & their huffing & puffing to stay cool generates a persistent hum. Most people just stare in disbelief that these relics are still on the prowl.

Samsung Arms Partners with Tab ProS for the 2-in-1 Revolution

In the game of business productivity, mobility isn’t enough. True productivity comes from a combination of software and applications, a lightweight form factor and long battery life. Businesses want more out of their mobile devices than mere connectivity, which is driving the increasing adoption of 2-in-1 devices.

Certification Enhances Value, Raises Profitability

Nowadays, an increasingly complex IT landscape—driven by mobile workforces, ubiquitous cloud computing, heightened security risks, and the rise of transformative technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data—has joined forces with a highly competitive market to ratchet up the value of certifications.