Best Marketing News

8x8 CMO Enzo Signore explains why the channel needs to make the shift from on-premise unified communications to cloud solutions in 2015. 

Many solution providers are taking steps toward teaming up with resellers, but some aren’t laying the foundation necessary to ensure that both parties succeed.
Using tech tips, highlighting important industry news and displaying company awards, solution providers used social media to show off their best assets.

There's an art to marketing, and the channel would do well to be a little more artful. 

Celebrating a holiday on social media is a great way to show off a fun company culture and take a break from serious business Tweets.
Solution providers this week were tweeting about President Obama's TechHire initiative, security breaches, adding a channel spin to popular hashtags and even high-fiving a celebrity donating a 3D printed arm to a disabled child.
Customers love scrappy underdogs, and the best way to make your company look like one is through a low-budget marketing campaign, according to Robert Stephens, the founder of Geek Squad.