How To Be A Social Media Superstar

The IT industry has some serious social media firepower, and there are a number of channel players who are on top of their Twitter game these days, too.

It's notable that many of these channel "twitterati" are not wide-eyed twentysomethings, but experienced managers who have developed a good understanding of the reach and value of a strong social media presence.

Still, there is a noticeable divide between young and old when it comes to social media. William Arruda on breaks down the major stumbling blocks that trip up boomer-age folks, and offers several best practices for social media use.

Arruda offers common sense advice wrapped in a warning: If you ignore or neglect social media, you'll miss opportunities and become irrelevant. Instead, embrace social media, strengthen your brand and try to learn something from the youngsters around your office.

"Social media adoption among boomers is low," Arruda writes. "That’s great news for you, because it will make your social media efforts stand out even more. Think of it as a dose of virtual Botox."

Read Arruda's blog here.