VIDEO: Millennials Sticking Around In Full-Time Jobs

(NOTE: This story and video clip were originally posted to July 17.)

Millennials may have expressed thoughts and dreams of launching their own businesses or freelancing, but economic worries may be keeping them in their full-time jobs, according to a writer, editor and branding consultant.

"Before 2016, millennials felt differently about work. We've always known they want to be entrepreneurs and freelancers, but lately they've been sticking with full-time work more than ever before," Terri Trespecio said in an interview with CRN.

A large part of this is a result of the economic position most young people are in, she said.

"Now, in 2017, they are seeking full-time employment more than ever over freelance. They are just worried about their economic future," Trespecio said. However, although the type of employment they are looking for has changed, the values and beliefs specific to millennials haven't.

"Companies that are hoping to hang on to their millennial staffers are doing what they have to in order to work with the changing pace of that generation," she said. And in a tight market for technology skills, that looms important for solution providers.

Trespecio explained that young professionals between the ages of 18 and 32 want to feel as though they're doing work that matters, and they crave flexibility. 

"If a company is a nonprofit, or is visibly benefiting some higher, worthy cause, those are the jobs more millennials are going to go for," she said.

Overall, this age group wants to be connected to what Trespecio calls "something of meaning." "They want to know why they are doing what they are doing. Not to be difficult, but to truly understand why it matters, and what it is giving to the world, big picture. And, they want to live their lives fully while doing it."

Click on the video below to listen to what Trespecio had to say.